…to make us progressively aware of a mystery…

by drcherylmeier

I just saw this on twitter when I was doing a search for quotes by Metropolitan (like an arch bishop) Kallistos Ware … He’s so aware of this inner life… I love going back to his lectures or his words …

I found this by him too:

I didn’t know where to post this so I came back here, to my blog page… I often post things on Facebook now:


I don’t wish to push any kind of religion on people, but to encourage you wherever you are—and to keep encouraging inner growth and inner development.  What are we here for if we are not growing in love, in wisdom, in tenderheartedness, in temperance, in true humility and understanding? —and in awareness + increased consciousness…

Please, don’t give up…

You are not alone! 

Reminds me of another picture that my friend Charlie Mackesy recently posted on twitter :

“Your presence on this earth makes a difference, whether you see it or not”

~ Charlie Mackesy 
Wishing you always much love and healing,

Dr. Cheryl Meier